瘋狂英語口語現場_5階進篇 5_04問路

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[00:00.00]4  Finding the Way
[00:04.10]To the zoo
[00:07.26]A: Excuse me, sir. I’m trying to find my way to the zoo.
[00:13.64]B: Yes. Are you taking a taxi or public transportation?
[00:19.28]A: Today I want to go there by bus.
[00:23.82]B: That’s good. First of all, you are on the wrong street.
[00:29.39]You have to walk more than two blocks to Roosevelt Road
[00:34.85]where you’ll catch Bus No. 236. Get off at the terminal.
[00:40.91]A: Thanks a lot.  B: Not at all.
[00:44.85]To the museum
[00:48.01]Larry: Excuse me. I’m trying to find the museum.
[00:50.69]拉 里:對不起,我在找博物館。
[00:53.37]How do I get there?
[00:56.53]Justin: Go straight down Fifth to Washington Park.turn right at the bank.
[01:03.79]Larry: Thanks.  Justin: No, no! Wait!
[01:05.92]拉 里:謝謝! 賈斯丁:不對,不對!等等!
[01:08.05]Don’t do that!I just remembered. That’s a one-way street.
[01:14.21]You can’t turn right there.
[01:17.87]Larry: Excuse me?
[01:19.40]拉 里:可以再說一次嗎?
[01:20.93]Justin: OK, first, go straight down Fifth to 23rd Street,
[01:27.90]where Broadway crosses Fifth. Then go one block to the traffic light.
[01:35.27]Don’t take the first right. Take the second left, onto Broadway.
[01:41.83]Larry: I’m sorry, I don’t understand.
[01:43.81]拉 里:抱歉,我聽不懂。
[01:45.80]Justin: Here’s Fifth Street. Here’s Broadway.
[01:50.52]The museum is at Prince and Broadway.
[01:55.25]Expressions Used When Asking the Way
[02:00.08]1. Can I travel to the Grand Hotel by this bus?
[02:03.17] 這輛公車到圓山飯店嗎?
[02:06.25]2. Does this bus go to Green Lake?
[02:09.03] 這輛公車到碧潭嗎?
[02:11.81]3. Excuse me, but could you tell me the way to the Taipei Zoo?
[02:15.44] 請問去臺北動物園怎么走?
[02:19.08]4. How far is it to the post office?
[02:22.01] 這里離郵局多遠?
[02:24.95]5. How long will it take me to get there?
[02:28.04] 我到那里要多久?
[02:31.12]6. Which direction is it to the hospital?
[02:34.06] 請問去醫院應該往哪個方向?
[02:37.00]7. Would you kindly tell me where the post office is?
[02:39.97] 可不可以告訴我郵局在哪里?
[02:42.95]Expressions Used When Directing the Way
[02:47.99]1. Cross the street and you will find the school.
[02:50.81] 穿過馬路,你就會看到那所學校了。
[02:53.64]2.Go back down this street for about three minutes
[02:59.70]and you'll find yourself at the park.
[03:03.95]3. Go that way for three blocks, then turn right.
[03:07.34] 往那里走經過三條街,然后向右轉。
[03:10.72]4. Keep going until you come to an end.
[03:13.66] 一直走到路的盡頭。
[03:16.60]5. I’m going that way. I’ll show you.
[03:19.58] 我正好要去那里,我帶你去。
[03:22.55]6.Turn left at the first corner,and it's the second building on your left.
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