英語六級易考范文: 我對“月光族”的看法

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英語六級易考范文: My View on “Moonlite” 我對“月光族”的看法

  Moonlite is a term referring to those people who exhaust their earnings every month withoutany savings.

  With the acceleration of globalization, it seems that the availability of various commoditieshas put more and more people into the category of moonlite.

  And these people are even proud of this unique life style.

  The moonlite brag their behaviors as a fashionable way to live a life.

  But we have to admit that problems exist in both their beliefs and behaviors.

  Firstly, industrious and economical concept has been Chinese traditional moralexcellence.

  And moonlite has violated the belief seriously.

  Secondly, no savings will place themselves in a difficult position in case of possibly unexpectedexpenses.

  Thirdly, this immoderate consumption habit may subconsciously infect their self-controlabilities, which can result in serious consequences.

  In my view, though the moonlite may acquire temporary satisfaction from immoderateconsumption, in the long term, it will deteriorate their personal financial levels.

  For majority of people, their income is limited and unnecessary expenses should be avoided.

  We should always bear this sentence in mind: “Live within your means and save for a rainy day. ”


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