CNN News:龍飛船成功與空間站對接 計劃7月搭載2名航天員進太空

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CARL AZUZ : A little more than 24 hours after launching from Florida's Kennedy Space Center, a capsule made by Space X successfully docked with the International Space Station. Here's why this is significant. This was a test. The company Space X was working to prove that its new capsule, the Crew Dragon Capsule, was capable of ferrying astronauts safely from earth to the ISS. No one was actually aboard the Crew Dragon when it launched.
Only after it docked with the ISS did the people who were already aboard the space station go inside the Crew Dragon.

Since NASA retired its space shuttle program in 2011, the U.S. has paid for astronauts to hitch a ride on Russia's Soyuz spacecraft to get to the ISS.
Space X could get them there on American vehicles once again. Space X is considered a private company while NASA is an agency of the Federal government, though Space X has received billions of dollars in funding from NASA. Assuming the rest of its current mission goes well, Space X plans to use its Crew Dragon Capsule to ferry two astronauts to the ISS this July.

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