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BBC news with Stewart Macintosh. 

Kurdish forces fighting a Turkish offensive in Northern Syria have said the U.S has a moral obligation to help them. In a statement ,the Kurds urged the U.S to close the region's air base to Turkish military planes. They accused the US of abandoning them in spite of earlier promises of protection.

France has suspended all weapons exports to its NATO ally Turkey in response to the offensive. A statement from the foreign and defense ministries said the measure would begin immediately and would apply to any weapons that could be used in the operation.

The president of Ecuador Lenín Moreno has placed the Capital Quito and surrounding areas under curfew and military control, after days of violent protest by indigenous communities against austerity measures. In a televised address, Mr.Moreno promised to restore order to the whole country.

Suspected Jihadists have killed at least 16 people in an attack on a Mosque in the North of Burkina Faso closed to the border with Mali. Witnesses said the victims were all Muslims, who were praying at the mosque in Oudalan province.

Reports from Kenya say that at least ten police officers have been killed when their vehicle went strike a road side bomb close to the border with Somalia. The authorities believe the device was planted by the Islamist group Al-shabaab.

Typhoon Hagibis has brought record amounts of rain to parts of central and eastern Japan with flooding and high winds. One man was killed when his car overturned, and several others were missing after a landslide destroyed two homes.

There've been big celebrations in Kenya and elsewhere after the Marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge became the first person to complete the distance in less than two hours. The Kenyan athlete's landmark achievement in Vienna was cheered by huge crowds in his home city of Eldoret.

That's the BBC news.


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