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BBC News. Hello, I'm Jerry Smit.

The biggest storm to hit Japan for sixty years Typhoon Hagibis has dropped the coast near Tokyo. Millions of people have been urged to leave their homes and there are warnings of flooding and landslides. From Tokyo, our correspondent Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reports. The eye of the storm has now made landfall south of Tokyo, about a hundred kilometer south of Tokyo and the winds along the coast therefore are pretty strong. Although I have to say one good thing at the moment it seems, is the very destructive winds that were feared from this storm have not materialized yet. We've been looking at the most recent pictures from television here from the coast of Shizuoka. There are very strong winds down there, but they do not appear to be as destructive as was originally feared.

North Korea has demanded compensation from Japan for the sinking of one of its fishing boats after it collided with the Japanese coast guard vessel. Pyongyang accused Tokyo of an active gangsterism. But Japan said the boat had made a sharp turn into the coast guard vessel as it was being chased out of Tokyo's exclusive economic zone.

There has been fierce fighting in northeastern Syria as Turkish forces continue their offensive against Kurdish militias. Much of the fighting has been around the town of Ras al-Ain. Here's Alan Johnston. Reports from the frontier say Ras al-Ain has come under Turkish artillery fire that has sent columns of smoke rising into the air. War planes have been circling and on the ground has been the noise of intense gunfire. The Turks say they've captured the town that the Kurds deny this. A monitoring group says that all together, more than a hundred and twenty combatants have been killed since the offensive began on Wednesday. Thirty civilians have died and a hundred thousand forced to flee their homes.

A Spanish parachutist was left dangling in front of King Felipe when his canopy snagged on a lamppost at the annual National Day parade in Madrid. Here's our Europe regional editor Mike Saunders. It was all going so well and appreciative crowd applauded as the parachute is descended gracefully to earth, trailing a spanish flag impeccably unfold until his glide was brought to an abrupt halt by the lamp standard. As the daredevil pondered his predicament, the applause resumed. King Felipe joined in. Wounded dignity aside, there appeared to be no lasting damage.

The funeral has taken place in prague of the Czech singer Karel Gott, whose popularity in former communist Europe earned him the nickname the Sinatra of the East. Ahead of the ceremony in the capital's St Vitus Cathedral, about fifty thousand people paid their respects. The singer who remained popular after the Velvet Revolution in 1989, died earlier this month aged 80.

BBC news.


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