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Hello, this is David Austin with the BBC news.

Palestinian protesters are gathering at the boundary between Gaza and Israel for a mass rally to mark the start of weekly protests a year ago. Israel has massed extra troops along the border, including tanks and snipers. Television pictures showed tyres burning near the border fence and several youths using slingshots to throw stones. As Tom Bateman reports, one man was killed by Israeli fire overnight. There were conflicting reports as whether he had been shot by Israeli troops or whether he had been hit by shrapnel. The Israeli Army said that it had targeted Hamas position last night because it said there were more violent night-time protests at the fence. There's been a fairly regular occurrence over recent weeks. I mean, this kind of incident can happen, does happen relatively frequently at the fence. We understand it didn't happen at one of the protest sites, but I've seen the context of what's happening today adds to the tension.

Nearly two hundred Palestinians have been killed since the protests began a year ago, along with one Israeli soldier. Slovak is voting in a second and final round of a presidential election. Opinion polls suggested Zuzana Caputova will be the country's first woman president. Rob Cameron reports. Zuzana Caputova is framing this election as a struggle between good and evil. Last year, Jan Kuciak, a young journalist looking into high-level corruption and links between politicians and organized crime was gunned down along with his fiance. Caputova says his death is one of the reasons why she's running for office. She has almost no experience of politics, a stark contrast to her challenger Maros Sefcovic. He's a seasoned diplomat and one of the six vice presidents of the European Commission.

It's been another blackout in much of Venezuela on the eve of an opposition march over the continuing electricity crisis. Opposition leaders say the power cuts have affected twenty-one of the twenty-three states. Most Venezuelans are growing impatient with the lack of a dependable electricity supply and blame President Maduro. But the government has claimed the blackout is the result of sabotage.

Park rangers in Thailand have helped rescue six baby elephants who are trapped in a muddy pond for at least two days. The calves, thought to be between one and four years old, could not climb up the steep sides of the watering hole in central Thailand. Rangers used pick axes to dig a ramp that allowed the elephants to escape and rejoin their mothers who were waiting a short distance away.

And those are the latest stories from BBC news.


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