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BBC News with Julie Candler.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May has said it is almost inevitable that there will be a longer delay to Brexit after MPs rejected her withdrawal agreement for a 3rd time. She said the outcome had grave implications, adding that the parliament was reaching the limits of the process. The head of the European Council Donald Tusk has called a special meeting with EU leaders on April, 10th to consider any request that Britain might make for a longer extension.

The U.S attorney general William Barr has told congress that he will release by mid-April a redacted copy of the report by the special counsel Robert Muller into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Mr. Barr said he is willing to appear before the Senate and House judiciary committees in May.

The International Federation of the Red Cross says it is able to hand out humanitarian aid to Venezuela within the next two weeks, but only if its distribution is not politicized. The Venezuelan government hasn't yet said it will accept the offer.

President Trump has said he will close part or all of his country's border with Mexico, if it doesn't stop illegal migrants trying to enter into U.S immediately. Mr. Trump stressed that trade between the two countries will be affected.

Officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo say a new high of 15 new cases of Ebola have been recorded in a single day. More than 600 people have died from the virus over the past 7 months.

Scientists say the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs nearly 17 million years ago has left trace of its fallout in the United States. Rock fragments have been found in fossils pummeled by the vast amounts of material thrown into the atmosphere by the asteroid's massive impact. It's thought the animals and plants died within hours of the strike.

BBC news.


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